Tourrosa Notation System


Cells are numbered 1-48, starting from the NE edge of the hexagonal and going south-east in the outer layer.

From each cells there are 4 possible directions:

  • two of them are clockwise and two anticlockwise. They are "c" and "a" in the move's notation.
  • two of them are centripetal and two centrifugal. Moving towards the centre is "i" (for "in"), while moving away from the centre is "o" (for "out").

So for instance the move "22ai" takes all the pieces from cell 22 and moves them in the uniquely defined direction anticlockwise going towards the centre.

Of course you can decide that clockwise is the standard direction, so you just put "a" when it is not. Likewise, just "o" could be marked, while otherwise "a" is assumed. The problem is for clarity… also "a" = "ci", "b" = "co", "c" = "ai", "d" = "ao" would work, but is not very clear!

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