Nomignolov is a free and universal software for abstract strategy games, puzzles, solitaires, games with random elements, and even cellular automata. It runs on Windows XP, 2000, Vista, and I plan to release a Linux version of it, if someone asks for it.

To this day, Nomignolov comes with some abstract games (Tablut, Wari, Hex, Entropy, Dao, …) and puzzles (8 queens on a chessboard, the Knight's Tour, 14-15 puzzle, …). Around 20 games in total.

And then there's Cibilimny, a little addictive game with high score. You play on a hexagonal board, moving around marbles of 7 different colours. On each turn, three new marbles are fired on the board by three spinning cannons. To prevent blockage, and so losing the game, you must put together 6 or more marbles of the same colour. This way you score some points and you gain time: the group just formed disappears, and you can move an extra marble before the next cannon shot. How many points will you make?

In all these games, one or more players use the mouse to play. Nomignolov allows remote games with internet, using your IP address.

The program can move at random, which can be useful at times. Or it can run a simple minimax algorithm, so it has some Artificial Intelligence (no claims for strength here).

Now, if you are interested, I heartily recommend to download the last release of the program, Version 1.3 "Cidrolin", and try it out!

And now that the general public has gone downloading the program, I can reveal the most exciting fact about it: Nomignolov can be extended! This means that, with a simple text editor such as Note Pad, you can add a new game to it!

A deep breath now!

For each game, like the aforementioned ones, there exists a script file in the programming language Lua that "explains" to the program everything about the game.

In the script there is the description about the board and pieces. And of course the rules, that is: a function that lists all possible moves for the players, a function that updates the board after a move is done, a function that checks if the game is won by someone, a function that tells how well players are doing (evaluation).

Along with the program, it comes a little pdf manual which tells you how to write a script. And you can look at the scripts for the other games and use them as references.

If you would like to write a script, but get stuck somewhere, you can write me. I'll be glad to help anyone. Moreover, you can send me your creation, and I will include it in future releases of the program.

Nomignolov is just a hobby for me. I worked alone on it, on and off, for nearly 3 years. Some graphics (pieces, fonts) was done by my sister Marisa.

I welcome any collaboration to the project. You can help in a number of ways: translate the site and the manual, advertise the software, work on the graphics, giving me ideas, comments, etc.

Nomignolov is what we make of it, so it could become really big!

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